Saucha: Introducing Link Love!

Here at The Yoga Bar, we aim to practice the yogic principle of saucha, or cleanliness, in our day-to-day lives. Saucha refers not just to cleanliness of the body, but cleanliness in everything we consume — food, transportation and, maybe especially, our media.

It's so easy to get swept away by the 24-hour news cycle. Especially at a time like the present moment, when emotions seem to be at an all-time high everywhere. Locally. In our nation. And throughout the world.

But saucha teaches us that we truly are what we eat. Just like eating garbage makes us feel like garbage, reading and watching negativity makes us feel negatively about the world around us. This negativity makes us doubt our neighbors. It steals our peace.

Yoga teaches us that this negativity is just a distraction from the Truth. From the deep thrum of connection to all of creation that can be felt deep in our chests if we only sit quietly and seek. To protect this, we must choose what we consume wisely. Not to block out the world, but to focus on connection, empathy, and solutions.

Every week, we at The Yoga Bar will humbly present you with a collection of stories selected to help you connect with your fellow humans. 

Read on for this week's collection of links that we consider good eating! 

9/16/16 Link Love

It's Oktoberfest! Why Cincinnati is best in the US, how to indulge when you're there, and maybe check out our weekend class list for a little post-fest detox? We're just a streetcar ride away!

Election got you down? Columnist Sarah Smarsh points out that these trying times aren't all bad.

If you're outside tonight, remember to look up! A spooky orange harvest moon may be visible above us, for the last time until 2024.

Remember that feeling of trying to find a seat in the cafeteria? Well, this 16-year-old created an app for that, so kids never have to eat alone again.

Ever noticed how a good walk clears your head? Here's why.  (Psst — yoga works the same way!)

You come to TYB for a workout? That's okay. But (spoiler alert) it might turn in to more

Good news for us at The Bar! Research shows there are benefits to drinking with friends post-workout.  So, standing date for Low Spark/Crazy Fox after class this week? It's science!

Until next week — Namaste.

If you come across a link that you'd like to see featured in Link Love send it my way! amy@theyogabars.com

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