Reduce Workplace Stress With Yoga

This holiday season, give your colleagues the gift that will make everyone a little happier and stress-free in 2016 — workplace yoga. 

The Yoga Bar studios offer classes for some of the Tri-State area's best known brands and organizations. Companies that value work/life balance for their teams and love bringing a little calm and wellbeing to their workspaces hire our teachers to create specialized classes that fit their schedules, staff size and special needs. 

We tailor the practice to fit into your office and your corporate culture. Whether you want to offer weekly classes to your staff or simply bring us in for a special event, we have a practice that is right for you.

Many studies show that the link between yoga and reduced stress is no Jedi mind-trick.  In a 2012 article in Occupational Medicine, researchers reported that a group of people who had participated in just an 8-week yoga program at their place of work reported "significant reductions in perceived stress and back pain, as well as a substantial improvement in psychological well-being."

And these researchers aren't alone. Five different, unrelated studies found that practicing yoga at work significantly reduces stress at work, even in as few as 6 weeks!

That's to say nothing of the overall improvement in health and well-being found by researchers. (You can read all the details in this review article.)

Employees with reduced stress levels are better overall for an organization. They take fewer sick days and have happier home lives, which both translate to higher levels of productivity. Generally speaking, employees who are able to manage their stress simply enjoy their work more.

Our clients see these benefits unfolding in their own organizations. Here's what one client says about The Yoga Bar's workplace yoga classes:

In my (and Kao's) experience with Rachel Roberts and her Yoga Bar staff, they have proven to be consummate professionals and dedicated yogis. From a very practical point of view, the return on our investment both individually and organizationally from our classes with the Yoga Bar far exceeds what we pay for these sessions. Yoga is a core aspect of our wellness offering at Kao.  
Rachel and her staff are prompt, professional, and highly committed to the practice of yoga and the well-being of our students. I have been practicing yoga with Rachel and her staff for over two years at Kao and they always arrive before any of the students, create a warm, welcoming environment, and make yoga fun and non-intimidating for people at all levels. I have found this to be universally true with her studio classes and staff as well which is a rare quality in my experience.  
As someone who is a sponsor of the programs at Kao, who has grown into a regular yoga practitioner over the past three years, and who has seen several other studios, Rachel and The Yoga Bar are the real deal.   Simply put, the world, and specifically our community, is a better place because Rachel and The Yoga Bar are in it and any organization or individual can't help but be better for their partnership, practice, or affiliation with her, her studios and people.  
Martin M.
Kao - Senior Director, Organizational Development and Effectiveness
Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa / Wellness Committee Executive Sponsor
It's not just for billion-dollar companies in Silicon Valley — you, too, can introduce yoga and its many benefits to your workplace. For more information on offerings and pricing, visit http://www.theyogabars.com/#!blank/c1qfh 

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