Taking it to the Streets

While our studios ARE fabulous, we love taking our yoga outside of the studio and into the community! We miss connecting with you weekly at Yoga on the Green and Yoga at St. John's... so we're always looking for ways to get out there and see you more! Here's where TYB has been lately.
Mariemont Walkathon-ers stretching into a side bend.
 Mariemont Walk-A-Thon: On September 25th, Mariemont Elementary held a walk-a-thon to benefit their PTO. Our lovely Ashley Molloy was there to lead these little guys in a short yoga session after their walk. More than 600 students got the benefit of some mindful stretching while they acted in service for their school.  What a lovely group of yogis!!

Mariemont students practicing tree pose.

Cincy Summer Streets: On September 26th, we were delighted to bring a practice opportunity to our home streets in OTR. Our TYB leader and light Rachel Roberts led a 30-minute practice for adults, which was followed by a 30-minute kids' practice with Ashley Molloy, TYB child-yoga advocate. The weather held, we once again got to practice in the open air of our beautiful neighborhood, and we got to see more of our community's collective beauty. Always a win for us!

Baby yogis at Cincy Summer Streets!
Can't say it enough -- We LOVE seeing you! Do you have a community event coming up? Would a little yoga make it perfect? Just let us know: http://www.theyogabars.com/#!contact/c1lvw

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