Elevation Requires Separation

Life is full of distractions. Being able to separate yourself from these distractions is key to elevating yourself one step closer to your dreams.

There are many situations in life where it is important to reevaluate things/people around us that may not be the most positive. Looking back at the past year of my life there were several situations that I had to completely throw my hands up in the air and move on from. I recognize these as defining moments. While in the moment, it may be very emotional or painful to make a decision, especially if it involves people or things we enjoy. Whenever you get that sensation of being at a standstill, it is most likely because you're fighting the natural change that should be occurring in your life. Being unwilling to let go of things and fighting change will stall growth in any living thing. A bird does not fight mother nature as winter approaches; she simply allows her wings & intuition to take her where she needs to be.

It is our human nature to get comfortable and complacent sometimes. Once you can separate yourself from certain things, you will notice other areas of your life begin to improve because you can give them more of your energy and focus. The key is to figure out what things you need to let go of.

The 3rd Fundamental Principle of Huna: “Energy goes where attention flows.”

For me, television is one thing I needed to let go of. I used to watch the news 24/7 and was constantly overwhelmed by the negative stories broadcast on the hour, every hour. It’s not that I think television or the news is bad. But for me, all the negativity shown on the news was a distraction for me, keeping me from creating positivity in my own life. It seems silly that changing this one thing could have any significant effect, but looking back I realize how much negativity I was subjecting myself to, and how much positivity I am now putting out myself, while not watching TV (like the positivity in these words). The nature of this universe allows us to participate in what goes on in the world around us. However it is all a matter of perspective. We can consciously manipulate our perspective by choosing the people &  situations we engage in. If you’ve never heard of “The Slight Edge,” I highly recommend going here.

What kinds of things do you need to separate yourself from?

The more your distractions become obvious to you the closer you are to reaching that next stage, no matter what level you think you are on. It’s important to understand who you are at a deep level to understand your own personal distractions and what things you need to separate from. Take some time to think about your goals and the things in your life distracting you from achieving them. The universe will open new doors for you once you realize which doors to close for good.

{contributed by Dom Fowler}

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